Ansteorran Missile Event Report Form
This form should be submitted within 30 days of the event.

SCA Name: Membership #:
Legal Name: Expiration date:
E-mail Address:

Event Name: Event Date:
Event Location: Sponsoring Branch:
Were there Target Archery activities? Yes   No
Number of Target Archery entraints:
Were there Thrown Weapons activities? Yes   No
Number of Thrown Weapons entraints:
Were there Combat Archery/Siege activities? Yes   No
Number of Melee Combatants:
Were there Royal Round scores recorded? Yes   No
Were there IKAC scores recorded? Yes   No
Were there IKCAC scores recorded? Yes   No
Were there any injuries? Yes   No
If there were injuries a separate injury report should have been submitted and the regional marshal should have been called immediately.

Description of Activities, Event Winners, Comments, etc.
Names of Other Assisting Marshals:

Email Addresses of up to four other people you would like copies of this report forwarded to:
The report is automatically sent to the Kingdom Missile Marshal, Regional Missile Marshal, and the submitter.
There is no need to enter any of those email addresses in the spaces above.