Ansteorran Armored Combat Event Report Form
This form should be submitted within 30 days of the event.

SCA Name: Membership #:
Legal Name: Expiration date:
E-mail Address:
Event Name: Event Date:
Event Location: Sponsoring Branch:

Were There Tournament Activities? Yes   No
Number of Tournament Entraints:
Were There Melee Activities? Yes   No
Number of Melee Combatants:
Were There Any Injuries? Yes   No
If there were injuries a separate injury report should have been submitted and the regional marshal should have been called immediately.

Description of Activities, Event Winners, Comments, etc.
Names of Other Assisting Marshals:

Email Addresses of up to four other people you would like copies of this report forwarded to:
The report is automatically sent to the Earl Marshal, Regional Knight Marshal, and the submitter.
There is no need to enter any of those email addresses in the spaces above.